Keeping your mouth healthy is our number one goal at 32dental.  Dr. Patel will evaluate your periodontal health to ensure you get the appropriate level of service that is catered to you.

Adult prophylaxis is a standard adult cleaning for an adult or teenager with full adult dentition. For a person that has routine dental care and has minimal tarter, inflammation, and bleeding.

Child prophylaxis is a standard cleaning for our patients under 12 to include a fluoride varnish treatment.

Scaling and root planing is a more detailed site specific cleaning to remove plaque and tarter under the gum-line. It is the first non-surgical step to treating periodontal disease in which your hygienist will remove plaque and tarter along your teeth which will then allow the gum tissue to heal and re-attach to the teeth. Your dental team may recommend certain rinses to aid in healing and post operative discomfort is minimal with this procedure. 

Debridement is the removal of accumulations of heavy tarter and plaque in order to perform a comprehensive exam. This procedure is generally followed by an adult prophylaxis or periodontal therapy which is determined after treatment.

A dental sealant is a resin material placed in grooves of teeth, which is often placed in children when their molar erupt to protect the teeth.